Spotify seems to be the most decent podcast player on Mac today

On one hand there is Ready Player Two book. On the other I could read the last part of the Three Bodies Problem epic series.

Fomapan film and Hasselblad

My first ever software programming experience was using this computer. You make logical chains using cables, and get binary output with those colored lights. Other kids had Gameboys at that same time :D

Soooo yes this happened 🎥😭

Wakehurst botanical gardens on Kodak Aero film

I remember times when I’d use Google Maps to find a good cup of coffee and not to check in on the local status of pandemic

Stories are now part of Twitter, but I just wanted to say that sometimes it is also ok not to post anything

Heavy winds on Orkney Islands. Hasselblad camera and Portra 160 film.

In case you’ve missed this, starting Jan 1st you can’t simply arrive to the UK and start a new job while waving your EU passport. It’ll have to be the sponsorship route where company sort of owns you while also paying lots of £££ to the state.

More film - 35mm Fujicolor C200 - shot around Broadway Market in East London

Agfa HDC expired film

Whoa Starlink is already available in North America and speed is between 50-100Mbps which is amazing and now I can totally build a hut far away in the forest while still enjoying Netflix in 4K

I’ll take this over new Xbox any time

So another consequence of myself getting Nintendo Super Mario Game&Watch is that I’m now browsing Ebay for more vintage Game&Watches. There are plenty. They are not cheap.

If you decide to leave Creative Cloud, they give you 40% off your annual plan 💥

Alright, first mince pie of the year. Christmas here we go. And yes, there’s already Christmas Tree up in Walthamstow.

You can say anything you want about Linkedin but it is the most amazing tool when you are trying to reconnect with someone you vaguely remember working together at some point years ago

The biggest challenge of corporate Slack etiquette is the balance amount of different channels and their usefulness

Agfa HDC is maybe discontinued and expired but still an amazing film even when shot and developed today

I mean, I could buy a new iPhone, or I could buy a refurbished Beaulieu 4008 super 8 motion picture camera 🎥 😭

Got myself a new Nintendo console

Have a cuppa. Ilford HP5+ 400 film 🎞

Soviet super 8 motion picture color reversal film was totally a thing at some point in history

Mr Robot soundtrack is of course most excellent