Morning heron from somewhere in Wood Green

Printing movie titles old school today for my new short film

Suddenly new ghost sign spotted which was probably covered by ad banner for ages

I could either keep buying books on filmmaking or buy Kodak film stock and shoot the damn thing

Oh my

One of those Wednesdays that feels like Friday but isn’t one

Lubed Glorious Panda switches are totally cool

Hide My Email is actually a fantastic feature and I want it

StackOverflow is down, cannot work

I’m at that stage when it’s difficult to get excited about new software updates from Apple

Back to cinema! 16mm film screening of Dr Strangelove no less

This is excellent - a comic book by Keanu himself

Brighton I missed your colours

Award for the cutest local little library goes to

New coffee place on the block is finally open

I need a Bolex in my life

The new book on writing by JMS is amazing and is this going to be a reason I’ll get back to writing? oh oh…

Might as well stop automatic photo uploads to Google Photos now when every upload will cost £££

I know the last episode of StarWars did not site well with the most of us (horses on a spaceship!) but the trailer was a bloody masterpiece and probably sits somewhere between episode V and IV in terms of amazing

Somehow if you remove emoji keyboard from iPhone 6 it becomes super fast again

Ladybug - shot on medium format Fuji 400H film and Kiev 6C camera

Slowly filming my short documentary around London on super8 film and today all the principal photography is done - all that left is some title shots, then develop the film and cut it into a movie. The whole thing will probably be around 5 mins long.

London Bridge station gave up on advertisements and just painted walls solid black

Police recommendation

Barbican on Hasselblad