On SSD durability

Fantastic episode by This American Life on everyday COVID-19 in hospitals overcast.fm

Naming variables is hard, but here is one hint - if a value involves a unit, always have this unit as part of the variable name. Example:

const delay = 2000; // ??? const delaySeconds = 2000; // awesome

We used to have a social contract when getting a personal mobile phone that if it rings, you must always answer. This contract is long obsolete and today by default I’ll never answer a phone unless we’ve agreed on this call before, or you are in my (very short) pre-approved list

Healthcare tech sector is definitely booming right now - lots of tech startups are hiring

Frostpunk official soundtrack is on Spotify open.spotify.com

Pubs are reopening this weekend

Well that’s one bold design for an audio recorder

Our dropzone has published concrete plans of coming out of the quarantine. It is going to be expensive. But still looking forward for some jumping this year 🪂

Fuji Industrial 100 film somewhere around Woodford

Two failed attempts to finish Frostpunk Last Autumn campaign so far and my god this is the most challenging survival strategy game I ever played ❄️

Must be all the podcasts they bought

Let’s not forget ARM used to be Acorn Computers

Love the new Apple keynote format. Doesn’t matter that it is prerecorded. Fast paced, to the point, great transitions. Please keep doing this after the lockdown.

A semi regular reminder to myself that Kodak Portra is the best film out there

Hand sanitisers by TFL

And yes, your Frostpunk workers can totally go to strike and refuse to work, even in the face of impeding doom

Fronstpunk while it’s +10 outside with forests and seaside. What looked like a walk in the park actually turned out to be even more challenging game than the original levels.

Eel and pie place is for sale - and it is a freehold too!

Pick a book from the window and order it online with free local shipping

My parachute is services, reserve is repacked and everything is ready to go. Now let’s just wait for dropzones of Great Britain to re-open. Hopefully before November.

From my series of abandoned East London cinemas

I keep manual coffee bean grinder because on some days it is the only exercise I get

A major trend of iOS apps lately - you must perform all financial transaction, subscriptions and paying in general outside of iPhone. That’s because otherwise Apple takes a 30% cut.