🎞 Years and Years is an absolutely fantastic mini series from BBC on the state of the world in the next 10 years - and specifically U.K.

Nice skydiving at Headcorn on this cloudy Saturday with 3 jumps and some tea β˜•οΈ ✈️

Career development cycle of an engineer:

  1. Work as hard as you can at a company for a couple of years
  2. Try and fail to get a promotion at said company
  3. Find a new job and get an instant bump in your career path and compensation
  4. Repeat

Is Pebble watch now officially dead for everyone? Pebble app seems to mostly stop working and no access anymore to watch faces and apps.

Fresh vlog episode on the most recent indie comic book fest in East London - ELCAF 2019. Expect books recommendations. youtu.be/vwoA2Xpxm…

πŸ“· A bit of grain on Silberra Cinema 52xx film. Shot around Portobello Road with Olympus OM10 camera. This film is actually a rebranded Kodak 5222 motion picture film, and I like it very much.

πŸ“· Sweet dreams! I’m having way too much fun with this set.

πŸ“· A bit of great British seaside from this weekend - and a ruined Roman fortress

πŸ“· Museum of Victorian tiles in Ironbridge yesterday

Every time I have a shorter work week, it becomes incredibly packed with events and drama. Anyway. It’s the longer weekend now and the weather looks amazing.

My dentist told me to cut down on daily tea drinking. What now, I have to cut my usual 6 cups a day to 5? β˜•οΈ

Instagram is down, the world must be ending

Stranger Things Demogorgon on Lego Ideas ideas.lego.com/challenge… πŸ‘

🎞 On a topic of vintage film photography - here’s a vid I made on the latest Photographica event in Westminster. Largest film camera fair in the UK for all of you who prefer analog pixels to digital.


πŸ“· This rocket is getting taller every day

Some stories on this list of GDPR fines are absolutely hilarious www.enforcementtracker.com

This is getting a bit out of hands, but I’m in a great position to build my own Saturn V rocket in the next few days πŸš€

πŸ“· Took us 3 days to assemble this NASA Lego special, but it has landed finally - just next to my Apollo 13 laserdisc. Next in line - Saturn V rocket.

Is Facebook’s Libra going to destroy Transferwise now?

🎞 Two days in Porto town - classic trams (and a visit to Porto tram museum), lots of pastries (and baking), a huge bridge (Ponte Luís I) and cats


🎞 Truckla - the Tesla truck car youtu.be/jKv_N0IDS…

My current Youtube situation - I’ve got a bunch of ideas and already filmed material for like 10 vlog episodes, but not much time really to actually edit and finish those. Is it time again to lower the quality bar and just smash things faster?

Reactor’s relocation guide to Amsterdam is so good that I want to move there relocate-to-amsterdam.reaktor.com

πŸ“· One very cloudy and rainy City today

Is there a reason why Slack is struggling to bring dark mode for desktop app?