New short film I shot on super 8 Kodak stock - Derelict London Cinemas. Enjoy!

Super Mario 3 in 2 player mode is like a whole new game (sometimes literally) I had no idea about. Incredible fun.

Probably not with the current state of world economy, but thanks for asking

Pretty desperate at first look situation with mere seconds left on my clock - and a stalemate that totally feels like a massive win here


All my assets are very liquid

My new favourite record store. They even got 8-track cassettes for sale. And yes, I do remember the huge CD:s.

Marlon basically grabbed a random cat and was like “I’m not doing this role without a cat”

Interestingly Youtube saves some CPU cost by only invoking Content ID checks once your video is public and getting some views

Sometimes they come in black. Kodak Pro 100 film.

Such an epic finale for The Expanse!

Raised by Wolves is excellent sci-fi - made by Ridley Scott no less

Lucky Saint is an excellent zero-g beer

What they call a game changer

A bit of Cairngorms on 35mm Kodak film

Special road signs on Outer Hebrides islands. Kodak 35mm film.

The new Matrix is excellent

This might not look like much but this is probably the highlight of the week

Great Glaswegian subway - on Kodak 35mm film

Got myself a wide angle lens

Oh it’s cold in London today

Got my invite to the new Cron calendar app and it is so good

Fixing my 40 years old Aiwa cassette deck with is more of a tank than anything. Belts needed replacement though after first 40 years of service.

Hurray to all of us who made it to the end of 2021! Time for a drink or two. Maybe a good film too.

Well that’s a first one!