Welcome to Wales

Guinness Zero is excellent (and also very hard to find)

It is a bit chilly today in England

Today’s achievement

Here we go - a short film from Outer Hebrides shot on my Bolex www.youtube.com/watch

Go Astraaaa!

Youtube is trying to become TikTok and I truly hope they’ll fail at this

Columbia Road market on Hasselblad and Ilford Delta film

Upgraded my Chess.com account to a paid tier. It is very nice indeed. Maybe I’ll learn something, but the ads are gone too \o/

Weekend is settled then

Got myself a new cassette player. It is great. Seems to be working forever from a single (rechargeable) battery.

Vinegar is a total miracle when it comes to cleaning oxidisation on old Nintendo cartridges

Mate without a single casualty. 10 mins of game, all pawns are still there.

Not sure how I ended up in this situation but it was an incredibly powerful one

As the owner of the original DJI Mavic Pro i can say Mavic 3 is ridiculous and i want it so much

Succession is basically Game of Thrones but with excellent writing

Myself on half frame Kodak Ektachrome film (somewhat underexposed) and Cornwall’s St Michael’s Mount

This is epic

Evil spaceship aka Tate Modern - on Ilford Delta film and Mamiya C33 camera

Slide film colors from Cairngorms of Scotland - Fuji Provia film and Hasselblad

Wooo got a boxed Chip&Dale, this evening is settled then

I’m genuinely interested in interesting original products. Most products today are boring. Cameras used to be amazing and original in the past. Same goes for almost every other product. New iPhone is boring.

Also a massive achievement for me this year - finishing Yoshi’s Island on the original SNES. Took me a while, but at least the cartridge was capable of saving the progress!

Whoa original NES cartridges are HUGE. This is my very first authentic cartridge (as opposed to a bunch of pirate NES cartridges we used in Soviet Russia back in 1990:s).

Looks like original NES cartridges are even more rare and expensive than SNES cartridges these days