That 5G thing is actually quite decent after all. This is in Edinburgh.

Vinyl is cheaper than therapy

A bit of activism this weekend - with a bespoke hand printed letterpress banner!

My home country invaded another country today. And how’s your morning going?

Got a new Polaroid camera. Also I’ve learned black slides from the new cassettes are unique and collectible!

A very unexpected birthday present!

Old Harry Rocks - on Fuji Pro 400 film and Hasselblad

Also got this new Belarusian LP of doom and synth pop because this is the world we live in right now

When a film photographer goes to buy some music


You and me, AOC

How I feel days of the week: Monday, Friday, …, is this thing on?, oh wow it is Friday, Saturday, Sunday

New Ghostbusters film is perfect

Raised by Wolves new season is starting strong

Watch your speed

A good day in Brighton is when you spend £100 on vinyl and £5 on a falafel wrap lunch

That truly hurts

New short film I shot on super 8 Kodak stock - Derelict London Cinemas. Enjoy!

Super Mario 3 in 2 player mode is like a whole new game (sometimes literally) I had no idea about. Incredible fun.

Probably not with the current state of world economy, but thanks for asking

Pretty desperate at first look situation with mere seconds left on my clock - and a stalemate that totally feels like a massive win here


All my assets are very liquid

My new favourite record store. They even got 8-track cassettes for sale. And yes, I do remember the huge CD:s.

Marlon basically grabbed a random cat and was like “I’m not doing this role without a cat”