Bridge squared

I wish Slack would allow free floating windows for channels / chats

A bit of gradually recovering Big Ben on medium format film. Mamiya Press Super 23 camera and Ilford Delta 100 film - shot in 6x9 format, and unfortunately my ancient 6x9 film holder have some light leaks for the mood.

Not only there is pre-ordering of the new Apple devices available, but also there’s pre-pre-order for the pre-order that only opens next week - but meanwhile you can prepare your pre-order ready to be pre-ordered.

I could almost complement the cameras on the new iPhone if I wouldn’t have already a proper Hasselblad camera with Zeiss lenses

Piccadilly Circus on medium format film. Shot with Mamiya Super 23 Press camera on 6x9 format with Ilford Delta 100 film.

The Current War is one excellent film if you are into engineering

Suddenly lions are everywhere in town

These do look mighty inconspicuous - wear everywhere, film everywhere

A very yellow cup of coffee

Got my big Mamiya for a walk today

Walthamstow cat

Now I want that pumpkin spiced latte

Got myself a new cine lens

Instagram ads be like “hey you’ve installed one iPhone game - how about a hundred more games?”

Got myself Starcraft Remastered this weekend and although it is of course not “the same” old Starcraft - it is an excellent remaster and feels about 96% right. Half way through the original campaign right now, hopefully will make it to Brood War soon.

I bet new Matrix film will be like Indiana Jones 4 - well made, but not much of a purpose

Instagram started showing ads one after another with no break for the actual content for me today. More like Adstagram now I see.

Also Werner - “Viewfinders on cameras make your cameraman lazy. An experienced cameraman should be able to visualise the lens angle based in the focus distance.”

Werner Herzog - “Filmmakers who are using storyboards are simply cowards”

Walthamstow cat

Shot some London on 16mm motion picture film and here’s some result…

Fresh music on cassettes - and generally a fantastic record store

I think they might have sandwich

Got myself the latest cassette of Chemical Brothers