This used to be a proper train station

This is Jurassic Band

Somehow cheapest colour medium format film today is Fuji Provia

Super happy for my new Weller. After years in software building something real feels extremely good. (and yeah it’s probably going to be moar mechanical keyboards)

Fresh street art somewhere in Walthamstow - on Ilford HP5 film

Mudlarking - on Hasselblad and medium format Ilford HP5+ film

A roll of expired in 1992 Ilfocolor film

Handling the Kings Cross canal lock

Well after living in London for 8 years I finally sailed through Camden Lock - at night no less 😄

Crossing the Islington tunnel on a boat today

Such RGB. This is Cospad PCB.

Good news about my Olympus OM10 camera - I was pretty sure the shutter was stuck for good, but as it turned out all it needed was a pair of fresh batteries. This camera has been the most reliable companion everywhere - and more film rolls to come 🎞

Also some sort of black magic with AliExpress - although the package is from China, there were no customs handling fees to pay, and it arrived straight to the door. You do pay VAT of your country of course during the checkout, but UK also likes to impose extra £8 “handling fees”

Let’s see if I can build a nice macro pad out of this ⌨️

Treat yourself (and your Pusheen) day

Ordered myself a Weller


Ok I need this for my back garden

Re-learning how to solder. Not too horrible but also not amazing and I’ve definitely screwed up in a few places. Done with cheap £15 soldering iron and I want to get a proper Weller now because this is getting serious 😬

Overexposed Portra film on half frame Olympus Pen F

A bit of soldering for this evening. Also cheap soldering iron is not particularly great when you need to solder a lot - two of the supplied tips basically disintegrated 😬

Let’s shoot a motion picture. Had an idea for a short documentary for a while and it is time to start actually filming it.

Lots of mudlarks on a perfectly low tide today

City is crazy empty this weekend. Good news though - I’ve travelled outside of Walthamstow for the first time in like 5 months.

Got myself the original SimCity with Bowser