I feel like I’m being watched. Mayfair today.

Mandalorian has taken over The Lego Shop

Shooting some vintage Ilfocolor today

Turned out this abandoned building next to Lidl parking in Stow is actually a cinema built in 1909. Originally called Prince’s Pavillion, featuring some Art Deco elements on the facade. And yes, it’s all gone now, they are building some luxury flats instead.

Stow fox 🦊

Today’s cats of Walthamstow

Very happy about my watch face

Walthamstow is very positive today 🍷

Whoa Osmo Pocket 2 looks incredibly cool and from the looks of it they’ve fixed the weakest part of the original Pocket - audio. Proper built in mic, and also optionally - wireless mic.

Monzo Premium looks great. If only I’d have a need to travel and a new iPhone to insure.

Cairngorms national park in Scotland on Kodak Ektachrome slide film

Unsurprisingly there is a whole genre of music on the topic of AMONG US

If you happen to have subscription to Masterclass.com, a course on the art of negotiations with terrorists by Chris Voss is an absolute gem. His book is great too, but seeing him live doing the negotiations is so much better.

London is sort of under lockdown starting this weekend, but not really. Everything is going to be open. You can still go to pubs. I think I’m gonna try closing my skydiving season.

Disney+ maybe has all the StarWars movies but it doesn’t have Hard Time on Planet Earth 😢

An engineer needs 3 hours of uninterrupted time to get 1 hour of engineering done

Also while 🍎 is announcing new 4K HDR 60fps video in a phone, I’m seriously considering stocking some super 8 Kodak Vision 3 film and maybe buying a projector

This should be a sign for year 2020. Fuji Provia slide film, shot somewhere on Orkney Islands.

For “A day in the life” micro.blog photo challenge


  • 13:00 London time on October 13th
  • That’s yours truly on a lunch stroll around Walthamstow in a chilly October day
  • Micro blogging is a perfect format for me for a non commital quick daily scribbles and photo sharing

I really like the new blue iPhone. But my iPhone 6S+ still doing perfectly fine. It’s getting all the software updates (5+ years!). Not a single scratch on the screen. It’s fast. And it has a headphone jack.

Youtube is now banning not only the music, but also a copyrighted melody in a completely different music tracks

Your friendly reminder from Shoreditch

At some point of life you just have to accept that everything changes - even the URL:s of webpages. After all, you can always tell Google to reindex your homepage.

Sometimes I wonder if the whole CSS in JS thing is a plot to keep hourly rates high and only let developers be able to edit a color of a button

Apple is doing this whole “iPhone === privacy” campaign and although I don’t believe it, it does raise awareness around data and privacy which is a great thing. Also look how iPhone in this ad looks like a face mask 😷