A film shot that works equally well in positive and original negative. A125 35mm film.

Fuji Pro 400 film is discontinued and I’m very tempted to buy some now, but at the same time I have a huge stash of film already and can’t go out to shoot it 😢

Got myself a new lens. Not for a camera this time.

Are there bugs in Cyberpunk 2077? Oh yeah. Is it still a brilliant game? Absolutely.

What do you mean each episode of WandaVision cost $25 millions?

Also Ferrania P30 film, but scanned with a different scanner and so you can tell there’s a bit less contrast here but still a lovely film to shoot. This is Shoreditch in October.

A roll of Ferrania P30 black and white film turned out to be pretty contrasty

I’m a big fan of the original X-Files series, however when you re-watch them today there are many episodes that are very much QAnon flavoured. And yeah, X-Files probably influenced QAnon in the first place.

Started reading the new Netflix No Rules book and so far it seems that the culture at the company although high performant but also brutal and very much inhumane. Let’s see if I’ll change my mind later.

Back in 2005 I used to moderate a popular internet forum (remember those?) with hundreds of new posts a day. Most of our users were super nice, but you did get an occasional abuser breaking rules and being quite rude to others. And yeah, you ban such people, that’s what you do.

Ahh when I feel like I need some entertainment I go and read fresh reviews on episode 8 of Twin Peaks The Return ☕️

Most of David Lynch’s films basically go like “Hey, everything is a dream. Don’t believe me? Let me show it to you.”

Google Stadia via Ethernet connection makes all the difference - getting solid 4k 60fps with Cyberpunk 2077 on my MacBook Pro

Well this should improve my lockdown printing experience a bit 🎞

A roll of very expired Ilfocolor 100 film shot around East London. Maybe it’s the new film scanner I have, but suddenly this expired film got some very nice colors.

A roll of very expired Ilfocolor 100 film shot around East London. Maybe it’s the new film scanner I have, but suddenly this expired film got some very nice colors.

Very expired roll of color 35mm Trueprint film

Upgraded my film scanner to Epson V850 (from V550) and it’s like switching from Prius to Rolls Royce. Can scan large format too now but don’t have any large format cameras yet haha.

The original Twin Peaks was shot on film and The Return was shot digitally - and they look very different in terms of the picture. The original has the obvious film aesthetic which acts like a sort of a safe barrier between you and the action. The new one have no safe barriers.

This might be the first time when we all realise that new year on its own doesn’t really change anything but we do

Current goal is to watch all seasons of Twin Peaks back to back with the feature film and The Missing Peace’s, and top it up with that 5 hours YouTube video explaining everything. I might need some coffee and pie.

No Cyberpunk 2077 for me - apparently it requires the very latest update to Windows 10 and my PC somehow stuck on 2017 version of Win 10 and refuses to update further. Might attempt a clean reinstall later or something. Or build a new PC? 🤔

Can I have my Hugo blog somehow Micropub compatible?

Yay a whole new book on Christopher Nolan. Thank you very much, I’m going to read this over the Christmas break.

The Expanse aftershow episodes on Youtube are so good