This unique vintage laptop also features a full sized cat

Alan Wake 2 so far is excellent, and is basically a mix of Max Payne and Twin Peaks - with occasional snippets of Finnish and karjalanpiirakka. Thank you, Remedy - please never change.

Here we gooo - let’s see how spooky this game is

Notes on my Acord Archimedes restoration project and how to record floppies compatible with it…

Love when opportunities like this suddenly materialise

Ok so the way you get new apps into my Archimedes is floppies. You need special DD 800kb floppies. And you need OmniFlop app, that runs on Windows XP. And a laptop with WinXP and a floppy drive. This does the trick, and OmniFlop patches floppy drivers to support all kinds of exotic file systems.

Gleam programming language syntax…

Spideman Across the Spiderverse is, of course, a masterpiece. Spiderman No Way Home is also fine.

Ireland to Scotland ferry today

I’m getting a feeling that with all the AI enabled products we largely forget that 100% of our users are still humans

Loved Dublin, but it seems it has the exact same issue as Edinburgh - small historical centre and way too much tourists (including myself!) for what it can sustain.

Double rainbow means double gold pot at the end, right?

Wow this mate was sudden

Let’s call this one The Stack Of Certain Doom

It’s Guinness o’clock somewhere

When a country struggles with finances, first things to go are public infrastructure, art and culture funding. This is especially evident when traveling from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland - EU keeps funding all these things while the U.K. apparently has different priorities.

Stone circles today

Quick stop at Galloway today

They advertise this national park as the place for astrophotography

Braving the Irish weather today with some hiking under torrential rain

More misty mountains today on the Ireland West Coast

Flying a drone in Ireland requires online registration and a €30 fee

Ireland is cake

Rain has stopped for a brief moment so we’re out and about for a few quick shots before it gets completely dark

First time ever switched my car from mph to km/h when crossing the border in Ireland - things you can achieve with modern tech