Wakehurst today - and my current choice of photographic weapons for a Sunday stroll

Epic weekend skies

Ottolenghi art

Basically Breaking Bad somehow set in DC superhero universe. Perfect.

Our favourite local restaurant is closed because of pandemic but they’ve started doing Treat Yourself Friday diners - delicious takeouts you pick up in the evening and enjoy at home

A bit of the City today

Friday feeling

Scotland and Finland friends pin

Somehow there’s no pumpkin spiced lattes in London Starbucks this year. Or maybe it is already gone now. 🎃

“There is absolutely nothing scientifically speaking that would stop a second pandemic start tomorrow”

I work in healthcare now.

Stanisla and a cat of Canary Wharf

If they are not going to put a new lockdown might try getting back to Wakehurst one day

Bought some tea

There’s definitely a feeling that London might get a new lockdown in a week or two so now is the time to get some of that iced latte from a coffee shop in Hackney while it is open ☕️

Columbia Road market is open but the entry is limited and there is a significant queue to get in 😬

New book!

Will there be a moment when people decide there are too much ads on YouTube and stop watching vids because of that? Is this going to turn into a closed club for Premium subscribers only?

Back in time when my previous job used to fit in a small coworking space on Brick Lane

In other news - my dropzone abides by the latest U.K. no more than 6 people rules

Skydiving this season is sort of slow thanks to the worldwide pandemic, but hey, I’ve got now enough jumps to extend my license for another year \o/ 🪂

Enjoying my new 16” MacBook way too much. Screen size is brilliant, keyboard feels reliable, and they brought the actual Escape button back. Also fingerprint sensor seems to be a lot faster compared to my previous 2017 MBP.

iOS 14 is available for my iPhone 6S and it is now 5 years of support from Apple for this model 👍

Started a new job today - this time in Medtech. In other positive news - my new company is using Notion instead of Confluence 👌

Starting a new job in September weirdly feels like going back to school. Yup I’ve got myself a new set of pencils and a notepad too.

New series on the classic book is out 💚