• 🎞 Brexit: The Uncivil War was premiered couple of weeks ago on Channel 4 and indeed looks very much like a lost episode of Black Mirror. They’ve also got Cumberbatch. Incredible story, now available on torrents. Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch

  • 🎞 A day trek in Czech Switzerland national park - with some bonus renderings from Google Earth Studio, which is such a brilliant tool for travel videos youtu.be/bot0sAl7F…

  • 📷 Colors of Saxon Switzerland. Also, check out the full album from 2 days in that amazing place on my Flickr (yup, it’s still a thing): www.flickr.com/photos/ka…

  • 🎞 Two days in Saxon Switzerland vlog - second most beautiful national park of Germany. Expect rocks, cakes and coffee. youtu.be/ztXmkxPTL…

  • 📷 Plenty of Tuckersoft ads around East London and Brick Lane in particular. They say there’s a proper Tuckersoft games shop on Old Street too.

  • 🎞 Bandersnatch was much better than you’d expect from an interactive film. Very well planned and thought through experience. Also this will remain a unique piece as it took them a year to film it - not sure if anyone else is capable of such high bar.

  • 📷 Decaf latte with oat milk and some vynil covers this weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon

  • 2019 things to resolute

    Since everyone is wishing new epic achievements for the new year, here are my 2c:

    • try to work less
    • do the work/life balance
    • start a new hobby that doesn’t bring you any money or fame
    • be nice to people
    • do more sports as this will pay off in a long run
    • protect your mental health as you are the one in charge of that - no one else will give a 💩 about it
    • chill more, worry less if you can
  • Alright, have a happy New 2019 Year everyone! This is the year when I’ve decided to start a micro blog and mostly stop tweeting. Let’s make more great content next year - more videos, podcasts, micro posts and film pictures. 🎄🌟👌

  • 🎞 One thing I’ve tried this year for the very first time is slide film photography. Kodak has resurrected their iconic Ektachrome E100 film and I’ve got a roll while we were travelling in Easter Germany this November. This is what happened.


  • 🎞 A very Christmassy vlog episode from the empty streets of central London - with some contemporary art by Tate Modern


  • All I want for Christmas is Virgin Media not throttling my upload speeds and letting it go above 1.5Mbs for my 200 Mbit connection

  • 📷 Early morning Christmas stroll on Regent Street

  • A dilemma of micro blog - is it a blog, is it an Instagram, is it a Twitter?

  • “You are a lot more scratchy” www.instagram.com/p/Brs3JRF…

  • 🎞 Christmas is upon us and here’s a festive vlog episode from Central London youtu.be/Z-FuxSug9…

  • In case you need a taste of what’s the renting situation in London is like www.vice.com/en_uk/art…

  • 📷 Medium format film shot on a slightly expired Kodak Ektar 100 film and Mamiya C33 TLR camera 434E73A2-79C4-4226-B7FC-6B9D8FCC365A.jpg

  • I’ve just realised that JIRA is basically Lotus Notes 😮

  • Whoa HBO is coming up with a film about Brexit, it is out in January and stars Benedict Cumberbatch www.youtube.com/watch

  • One of the absolute best games on NES - Robocop 3. Groundbreaking for a NES game in so many ways, and I’ve just realised how short it was - a speed run is only 13 mins long www.youtube.com/watch

  • 📷 A freshly scanned roll of expired Kodak Ektar 100 medium format film with pictures from September. This one is from Portsmouth. Shot on Mamiya C33 camera, which is this huge massive block of perfection. Mostly metal, yes, and one of the heaviest cameras I have.

  • Trying to go with trends - if you’re on TikTok let’s be friends! vm.tiktok.com/Ju7BR5/

  • 📷 Film photography from East London - the best breakfast spot of Bethnal Green. Shot on Agfa Vista 35mm film and Olympus OM10 camera.

  • 📷 Christmas is totally happening now 🎄

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